living the dream (club)


“The trouble with wanting something is the fear of losing it, or never getting it.”

Thanks D3, Nonono is my dream (club) wife now.

If you think about it, the premise of Dream Club is actually pretty depressing (read as: entertaining).  You play a voiceless protagonist trying to woo a hostess by spending anime funbux and lavishing her with gifts.

Money is everything.

In the daytime you can decide either if you want to work a menial job for one to three weeks, or go shopping for gifts; you CANNOT do both.  A week of work usually averages ¥25,000, or roughly 250USD for comparison’s sake.  Meaning in the beginning, you can earn around 1,000USD give or take a few hundred a month.  If you work the same job enough, you can eventually get promoted and earn more in the same amount of time, I think the highest I’ve seen is about ¥160,000 for a two week job.  BUT keep in mind, you also have to balance out your time between buying gifts and club visits as well.

I typically spent a few weeks working, and only bought gifts in the beginning to fill out my heart meter faster.

But obviously, the highlight of the game happens at night (and only on weekends!) where you get one-on-one time with your favorite hostess.  Here’s a brief UI layout:

The UI is pretty easy to figure out.

The UI is pretty easy to figure out!

  1. Your money.  The game doesn’t keep an active tab that you can check of how much you spend, but will show you at the end of your session.
  2. Time remaining with your hostess.  Every action requires some time, and can be extended for a fee of course!
  3. Your alcohol resistance level.  I guess this is pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Your drunkenness level.  You start to get drunk when the bar is about 3/4ths filled.  If your hostess is drunk as well you activate ETS and can ask her special questions to find out more about her.
  5. Shows how much of a bottle you have left when you order straight liquor.  Carries over each visit with your hostess.
  6. Heart meter to show your familiarity with your hostess.

Drinking is the main game “mechanic” I suppose.  When you both get drunk, ETS activates and you can ask your hostess personal questions like her three sizes, and is required to raise flags with her.  You can also go out on romantic outings at some points.  Something interesting of note is that you start off sitting in front of your hostess, and eventually move by her side, and then to a VIP room.

There are a lot of other activities you can do with your hostess too!  You can:

  • Feed her bananas, hot dogs and ice cream while getting it all over her face.
  • Draw ketchup designs on omurice.
  • Eat p〇cky from her mouth.
  • Play backup while she sings.
  • Give her gifts.
  • Have a drinking contest with her.
  • Exchange texts with her at home.
  • And some more I’m probably forgetting!

Of course, all of these activities cost money.  Each initial visit (not including gifts) cost about ¥35,000, and when I got upgraded to the VIP room I saw my tab rise an additional ¥10,000.  Meaning each night cost about 350-450USD.  Bitches rollin’ in paper.

That will be ¥8,000 to feed Nonono a hot dog in a sexually suggestive manner, okay?

That will be ¥8,000 to feed Nonono a hot dog in a sexually suggestive manner, okay?

I dropped over a million virtual yen on my first playthrough and still got the bad ending.  I’ll win you over someday Nonono. :(

Some additional screenshots:

Miko outfit with Nonono!

Miko outfit with Nonono!

Drunk gym uniform outfit with Nonono!

Drunk gym uniform outfit with Nonono!

Bunny outfit with Nonono!

Bunny outfit with Nonono!

On the farm with Nonono!

On the farm with Nonono!

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